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Prasetiya Mulya was the first business school in Indonesia to offer a Master of Business Administration program beginning in 1982. As a business school founded by members of the Country's business community, Prasetiya Mulya offers a leading Magister Management(MM) program that emphasizes learning by actually implementing business concepts in real-world situations.

Prasetiya Mulya offers undergraduate (S1) business programs and graduate (S2) MM programs. The S2 MM programs are individually designed based on students' profiles, backgrounds and management interests.These programs are the Regular MM, Junior Executive MM and Executive MM.

Prasetiya Mulya's non-degree programs are focused on helping those already in the business community develop their knowledgeand learn new skills through short-term and middle-term training programs, as well as graded executive education. Current nondegree programs include the Executive Development Program (PPE), the Certificate of Business Management (CBM) program andIn-House Training (IHT), The Executive Development Program (PPE) consists of managerial and strategic management training. International certification programs certificate, advanced certificate and diploma also are available through the Modular Learning System o n International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (IPSCM). The Certificate of Business Management programconsists of several different management modules, i.e. General Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management,Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Business Strategic Management. Prasetiya Mulya also meets thecorporate demand for In-House Training (IHT), offering training programs specifically tailored to meet the needs of businesses, including functional management programs and gradedmanagement development programs.

With over 20 years of experience, Prasetiya Mulya's professionalism and commitment to business education have earned it recognition as one of the top business schools in Indonesia. This recognition is backed by surveys conducted by a number of leading business magazines and newspapers on local,multinational and state-owned enterprises employing Prasetiya Mulya graduates.

Student Board (SB) is the S1 Prasetiya Mulya student organization that is independent, democratic, free, responsible student body that does not affiliate with any political party, race, religion, or any other group.

To be organization that is able to develop creativity, competence, and credibility of Undergraduate Program Prasetiya Mulya to achieve the goal to be future business champion.


  • To develop entrepreneurial skill and professionalism through independent and positive activities.
  • Maintaining good relation with all Prasetiya Mulya’s internal and external components who can support Undergraduate Program to achieve its mission.
Special functions of Student Board are:
  1. Place for Undergraduate Program students to develop professionalism through various positive activities.
  2. Place for students to broaden their knowledge and positive attitude.
  3. Place for students to give contribution in business and management.
  4. Symbol for students’ representative in internal and external activities.

Student Board’s organization body consists of elected students whose voice represent students’ aspiration.

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